Nugzar Ergemlidze was born on May 1, 1955 in Batumi. The father Otar Ergemlidze, the mother Valentina Kopaleishvili. Finished №2 (now №1) Batumi art school. While in the V grade he first head the Beatles that made him take the guitar in his hand. The first chords were taught to him by his nanny-grandma Tamar Kvariani. After that he continued self-education, learning the instrument at the same time he created poetry.

     In Batumi, neighboring Nugzar lived the Bardanashvili family. They had three sons: Ruben, Soso and Merab. He was a frequent visitor to their family. He was very friendly to Merab. Josepth (Soso) Bardanashvili, who was then a student of the Conservatoire noticed Nugzar’s talent. He often consulted him concerning harmony, and corrected poetry. Today I.Bardanashvili is one of the famous composers in Israel.

     In 1973 Nugzar becomes a student of the Art Academy in Tbilisi, learning painting. Here he becomes a member of the Amateur academy band, playing the Bas Guiter. He sings his own songs as well. Together with him in the band there were Zurab Managadze (later a famous composer) Avto Sharvadze, the author of many popular songs (non unfortunately not alive) Otar Iagorashvili, Avto Peradze and etc.Avto Sharvadze, the author of many popular songs (non unfortunately not alive) Otar Iagorashvili, Avto Peradze and etc.

     In 1975 the group ,,75” was formed. The leader of the group was Robert Bardzimashvili, who was already very famous since he had been the leader of the legendary Orera group ,,VIA 75” was looking for new ways, new forms in the Music Space. Robert Bardzimashvili decided to perform the first Georgian Rock Opera. Thus he got in touch with Ioseb Bardanashvili as a composer and they offered to write the libretto. Thus it was their first creative joint work. After that Robert and Nugzar stayed friends for many many years.

     In 1978 Nugzar graduated Georgian State Art Academy, he took part in may ex-s of young artists. He worked at a college of technical esthetics. But as an author.

     He continued to work for ,,75”. In 1980 the group performed a ,,Retro” programe, and many songs by Nugzar were represented, as well as poetry. The most successful among them were ,,Tuki” (first love) ,,Bakuriani”, ,,Lianebi Sadgac”, ,,Potoltsvena”, ,,Rotsa Tovli Mova” etc.

     Since 1992 N.E. works as an editor of musical programs many popular project were based on his scenario. Among them are ,,Retrovizia”, ,,Meshvide Tsa”, ,,Radio Ringi”, ,,Tsotskhali Pikeri” ,,Mo TV”, ,,Retromobili” ,,Gemo TV”. He was co-author of the group project ,,Nagdi Show”. For many years N.E. has taken part in various shows as a perfomer. Besidesd many popular groups performed his songs. Many solo singers revived his songs up today. Such groups are: ,,75”, ,,Georgia”, ,,Teatroni” (Valeri Lomsadze), ,,Jadosnuri Gzebi”, ,,Bardzimi”. Piramida (Tamaz Sichinava, Merab Sepashvili, ,,Sepas Bichebi” Mamuka Onashvili, Kako Vashalomidze, Zurab Kobeshavidze, Irma Sokhadze, Keta Topuria, Neka Sebiskveradze, Temur Bojgua, Nugzar Kvashali, Zura Managadze, Misha Zakariashvili, Mamuka Meskhi, Besik Kalandadze, Temur Revazishvili, Koba Bejitashvili etc. extens...